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Finding Your Inner Strengths

Small Changes

Becoming healthy is so much harder than being healthy. Change is notoriously uncomfortable, but change can be so good.  I like small changes because I find it’s easier to develop habits when I’m not overwhelming myself.  If you try to be perfect, you will probably get frustrated and give up. For one person, just getting up and eating breakfast is a huge change in the right direction. Maybe it’s really hard for them.  Just having a healthy breakfast shake might be a good start. Myself, I’ve always been a breakfast eater. I just try to make sure I always make a healthy breakfast. Right now I’m loving protein/oatmeal pancakes with blueberries on top.

A Good Support System

Even though, only you can change you, a good support system makes a huge difference.  My support system is my family. Growing up, my family was supportive. I didn’t struggle because they weren’t supportive.  I really didn’t let anyone know the extent of my poor body image. They really weren’t aware of how out of control I’d let it get. Also, no one in the family was all that knowledgeable about diet and nutrition.  Even if they’d realized I had a problem, I don’t think they would have known how to help me.  However, there was never any question that they loved me. They were there with me through it all.  They are a huge part of why I was able to get through those rough years.  They gave me strength when I felt like I had none.

My beautiful family

My beautiful family. An awesome support system! Copyright AMartin Photography


Some people find great strength in believing in a higher power.  For a lot of people it’s God.  The power of prayer has helped so many people find strength to make a change.  Some people believe in karma.  Some people believe in the power of hard work.  Believing in something can give a person so much inner strength.  Believe in yourself. Believe that you can be more. Believe that you are worth more.

You Can Do More Than You Know

I had a turning point when I joined the army. It was such a random thing. I was managing a salon. I’m Canadian. I come from a family of 6 girls. I knew nothing about the army.  It was really, very random. Friends and family tried to be supportive, but they were all very unsure if I would make it through training.  I can’t say I blame them.  It was all very sudden. I hadn’t done anything to get ready for it, and none of them really knew what I was getting myself into.  Well, sure enough, I went to train. I was scared, but I went.  Everything we did in training  was new to me.  I did things I never thought I would do.  Things I never thought I could do.  I felt inspired by myself!  That’s an amazing feeling!  That feeling of doing something you didn’t think you could do.  You start to think maybe you’re capable of even more.  There’s nothing like that feeling!  I still fall back on that feeling I had all those years ago in my military training.

Overcome Your Fears

If you push yourself, I’m sure you’ll find you’re capable of more than you thought possible.  And it gets easier.  The first time I ever stepped into a gym, I was so scared. I thought everyone was going to look at me funny.  I didn’t know if I’d be able to figure out what equipment to use.  Well, I’ve gotten familiar with gym equipment and I’ve learned how to workout. Now I love working out in the gym!

Gym buddy

It’s fun to hit the gym with a friend.

I remember the first time I made Paleo brownies, and the first time I made spaghetti squash.  I was nervous the family wasn’t going to like it and I’d have to hurry and find something else to feed everyone.  Well, the brownies were ok, not great. We ate them.  The spaghetti squash was a hit! We all loved it.  Since then, I’ve had a lot of hits and misses in the kitchen, but I’ve learned that the family is pretty on board with trying my healthy dishes and we do figure out backup plans when I flop.

Keep Challenging Yourself

Just last fall, My oldest son, husband, and I signed up for a 5k.  It was the first race I’d ever signed up for. I knew I could run a 5k, but I knew I wasn’t fast, and I thought I’d look stupid.  Well, we got out there, and let me tell you, not everyone is fast.  There are people going at every speed.  We stayed together.  It was so much fun crossing the finish line with our oldest boy.

First 5k

Crossing the finish line together!

Yoga is another thing I was scared to do.  I’m not graceful or flexible.  I think it took me about 2 years of talking about it before I actually tried it.  I just knew it would be great to help stretch out my muscles, relieve soreness, and prevent injuries when I lift weights.  Well, one day, when no one was around, I did a search on youtube for beginners yoga.  I discovered “Yoga with Adriene.” Her beginner video is awesome. It made me feel like I could do it.  I started out by doing only her videos because she gave me the confidence I needed to get started.  Now I mix it up, but I still go back to her videos a lot.

Change For the Better

I think it’s always hard to make a change. I think it’s also hard to envision ourselves as anything but what we are.  We can hold ourselves back or push ourselves forward.  I am not who I was just a few years ago. I wanted to be better, so I made myself better.  I know I have room to grow and get better, so that’s what I am striving to do.


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