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Grow Your Own – Guest Post by Karen

During the summer months, you can save a lot of money by growing your own fruits and veggies.  The time to plant is near.  Because my thumb is black, I’ve turned to the woman with the greenest thumb I know to share some tips to help us get started.  My Mom!  In her post, she shares some guidance on how to get started.  I’m going to have her continue to do guest posts as her own garden gets started so she can help us stay on track. Without further delay, here is what she has to say:

Spring is upon us!

Spring is upon us. Time to think about your garden!

Spring Fever

We have had an amazing winter this year for Salt Lake City. The only snow in the valley was from Christmas through the first week of January. Sadly it does not make for adequate summer water supplies, but I have enjoyed not shoveling or worrying about slipping and falling. I am sure we will eventually be hit by a nice surprise. They had a big winter storm in Southern Utah Sunday and Monday earlier in the week. Cedar City was blanketed with 14″ of snow and even sunny St. George got 3″,  Salt Lake Valley 0″. Well it is no wonder with this milder winter that all  my perennials have spring fever. Besides the tulips being up almost 3″, even my mums and other plants have an inch of new growth on them and so today I spent two hours out in the back “sans manteau” (without a coat) chopping down the dead growth allowing for all the greenery to come through. Yes even some early flowers are working their way out.

Plant a garden!

Plant your own fruits and vegetables.

Starting Your Garden

So now as the ground heats up, it is time to start thinking about prepping the soil for planting ones cold weather vegetables. If you have grow boxes I have come to be a fan of Millers Grow Box Soil. It has all the nutrients you need  and every year as your soil compacts and deteriorates I just throw a new bag or two in and you are ready to plant. I find anything I plant in a grow box does well, it is the rest of the vegetable garden that needs more work. One needs to turn and mix in some good fertilizer mixes to either make your clay less compact or your sandy soil more loamy. That is what your going for. Compost is wonderful, full of organic nutrients. If you have pots on the balcony that get about 6 hours of sunshine and no snow you should be good to go with those. You can only plant seeds for cold weather tolerant vegetables until there is no more fear of frost and only plant vegetables you are going to eat. Peas, spinach and kale are great to plant early, so is swiss chard, but if you are not going to eat it, it’s a waste. If you are planting in a pot remember to water a little more often, the sun will dry these out quicker. Also keep some Epsom Salts on hand for the garden too, the soil likes to have a little of that mixed in. If you decide to plant peas which like to climb high set up a trellis or climbing system for them right away so you don’t have to worry about it when they are suddenly up six inches grabbing on to other plants. Have fun experimenting, it is always trial and error that makes a good gardener.

Thank you, Mom for helping us get started planning our gardens!

Alright, so need to feel overwhelmed.  I’m going to have her continue to share her tips and insights with us.  As I mentioned earlier, I have a black thumb.  I should also tell you I live in an apartment with a small balcony.  That is not going to stop me!  I’m planting my first vegetable garden this year!

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2 comments on “Grow Your Own – Guest Post by Karen

  1. mireillesjourneytohealth
    February 27, 2015

    Thank you for posting, Mom! I look forward to your future posts. I’m excited to start my garden.


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