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Save On Your Gym Membership

There Are Tricks To Getting A Great Deal!

Save! Save! Save!

Don’t be afraid to negotiate!

We’re going to keep talking about keeping as much money in your pocket as we can, but I want to start talking about fitness a bit for a change.   I want to cover gym memberships in this post.  Everyone is different and everyone has their own preferred setting to workout.  While some people prefer to workout at home, some people prefer to workout at a gym.  For today’s post, I want to show the people who prefer the gym setting how affordable it can be.  I’ve scoured for information and compiled a list to share with you all:

Who Doesn’t Love A Good List!

  1. Make use of all of those free trials available to you.  Most gyms have free trials for as short of a time as 1 day, to as long as 14 days.  Some gyms advertise these deals, and some don’t.  Call around to your local gyms and recreation centers.  Tell them that you are looking for a gym to workout at.  Ask them if they have any trial options where you could workout there and see if it’s a good fit for you.  Don’t be afraid to use the free trial at every gym.  Not only could you possibly workout an entire month completely free, but you will also get a better taste of what you really want in a gym.
  2. Negotiate.  While you’re testing out all of these gyms for free, do some research.  Find out about the different pricing options each gym has to offer.  It’s ok if the gym you love the most isn’t the cheapest.  At this point, you are very well informed on competitor pricing and have some serious negotiating leverage.  Now it’s time to go to your preferred gym.  The manager has the ability to offer the best deals, so that is who you should talk to.  Explain to them that you really like their gym, but the price is more than you can afford.  Present them with some of the cheaper competitor pricing.  Ask them for a deal.
  3. Take advantage of the slow times.  Gyms have quotas.  They have someone staring at the number of new members, trying to find a way to increase it.  They’re putting pressure on all of their recruiters to bring new members in.  You can only imagine how easy this must be for them in January when everyone’s setting New Year’s resolutions, and in the fall, as the weather gets colder and people want to workout inside.  Think of how much harder it must be to recruit members as the weather is warming up!  Hmmm… like now!  Also, think about how, a recruiter who hasn’t met their quota might get a little desperate to recruit members at the end of the month.  Use their desperation to your advantage, and bargain with them for the best price ever!
  4. Watch for promotions and coupons.  While shopping around for a gym, you should follow all of the local gyms on social media.  Sometimes they’ll run a special which will only be posted on social media.  Watch for flyers and coupons in the mail.  Call and ask if they are running any promotions.
  5. Consider your employer or health insurance.  A growing number of employers are realizing the benefit of healthy, fit employees, and offer gym memberships or discounted gym memberships as a benefit to their employees.  Check with yours and see if this is available to you.  Health Insurance companies have realized they too could benefit from their members staying fit.  Fit members seem to stay healthier.  Insurance companies don’t have to pay out as much.  To encourage their members to be fit, a lot of health insurance companies will reimburse a portion of their member’s gym fees.  This is definitely worth checking into.
  6. Join with a friend or as a family.  Gyms love when you bring a friend or your family to sign up with you.  It makes their job of recruiting members a little easier.  Many gyms offer group rates, family rates, and 2 for 1 deals.  This is another one of those things that may not be advertised.  Call your local gyms and see if they offer deals when multiple people sign up together.
  7. Go when most people wont.  Some gyms offer lower rates for members who attend during non-peak hours.  If you’re schedule allows for you to workout out at these “non-peak” times, you may want to see if you’re gym is willing to offer a lower rate.
  8. Freeze your membership.  If you are going to be away for a period of time, talk to your gym about freezing your membership.  Freezing your membership means they wont charge you while you’re away, but they will just add that time to the end of your contract.
  9. Pick and choose.  If you don’t plan to use all that your gym has to offer, see if they have pricing available exclusively for the features you do want.  This could mean just access to the weight room, or classes, or pool.
  10. Read the contract.  If there is any chance that you may want/need to terminate the contract early, pay close attention to the penalties portion of the contract.  It may be a better deal for you to go month to month and skip the contract.

Ask For A Deal!

These are just a few tricks that have been successfully used.  Talk with friends and family about their gyms and the rates they were able to get.  Sometimes, as the old saying goes, ‘It’s not what you know.  It’s who you know.’  Use your contacts, and ask, ask, ask.  Ask for a deal.


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