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Don’t Forget To Smile!

My smile!

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. ~Mark Twain, Following the Equator

If you’re happy and you know it shout “Hooray!”  Seriously.  If you are a happy person, you have every reason to cheer, and we’re going to talk about why in just a minute.  So we’re continuing on with our healthy habits, and today we’re going to talk about how great positive thinking can be for your body, and hopefully if you’re not naturally a positive thinker, this post will help you make positive thinking a natural habit.

Sam's Smile

Hey, I’ve got nothing to do today but smile. ~Paul Simon, “Only Living Boy in New York”

Studies show that people who focus on the positive live longer.  This includes people who have already been stricken with disease!  This next one might seem obvious, but positive thinking helps combat depression.  Positive thinking has been shown to strengthen your immune system.  Positive thinkers tend to cope with stress better.  Stress has been shown to have a nasty impact on a person’s immune system, which is a huge part of why positive thinking is so good for your immune system.  Positive thinking also helps maintain a healthy body weight.

Adam's Smile

If you smile at someone, they might smile back. ~Author Unknown

Of course it’s easier said than done.  If you’re not a positive person, it may feel hopeless.  It’s not.  I assure you.  In my life I have had to push my way through bouts of depression and anxiety.  My best advice comes in the words of Rodney Atkins:

If you’re goin’ through hell keep on going
Don’t slow down
if you’re scared don’t show it
You might get out before the devil even knows you’re there.”

While you’re pushing through the tough times, here are some tips to help you get things feeling a little more positive and a little happier.

  • Make it a personal goal to be happy.
  • Appreciate the small things.  Maybe it’s the smell of breakfast cooking, or a great coupon in the paper.
  • Manage your time.  Make time to get some things done, time for yourself, and time for friends and family.
  • Treat yourself.  For a few years I struggled with seasonal depression every February.  My dad would tell me to spend all of February shopping for the perfect dress, and at the end of February to go buy it.
  • Lean on supportive friends and family, but know that you are responsible for your own happiness.
  • Help yourself by helping others.
  • Enjoy the sunshine during the day, and the comforts of your bed at night.
  • Exercise regularly.  Aim for 3-5 times a week.
  • Eat your way to happiness.  I’m dead serious.  Certain nutrients have been shown to support a positive well-being.
    1. Leafy Greens
    2. Salmon
    3. Avocado
    4. Green Tea
    5. Berries
    6. Citrus Fruits
    7. Dark Chocolate
    8. Tomato
    9. Nuts and Seeds
    10. Asparagus
Ben's Smile

Smiling is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too.
~Author Unknown

Alright, I just want to end with something that’s sure to put a smile on your face!  Every time I see it, I can’t help but smile. Click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQQvanCpC3Q Can’t help but love minions singing about produce!


4 comments on “Don’t Forget To Smile!

  1. lilypup
    March 13, 2015

    Really positive post. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Karen
    March 26, 2015

    Great advice for anyone feeling cooped up and overwhelmed.


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