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The Ab Wheel – A Brilliant Simple Machine

ab wheel

The ab wheel is an absolutely brilliant piece of equipment.  It’s simply a wheel with a rod through it.  I bought this one here in the picture for my husband about 6 years ago.  This is before I was into working out.  Christmas was coming up and I was trying to figure out some different gift ideas for him.  He was really into working out, so I was looking for something along those lines.  I’m super frugal, or try to be, anyway.  Plus, it allows me to buy more gifts.  Ab wheels range in price, anywhere from $8 to well over $100.  This was perfect.  I think I spent about $10 on this one and it is just great.  I think the pricier ones put goofy, fancy, unnecessary things on them.  Not needed, but I suppose if you want it, it might be worth it to you.

Ok, so this is the basic, traditional way this piece of equipment is used, though there are many variations:

  1. Start out on your knees, and hold the handles on each side of the wheel.

ab wheel starting position

     2.   Holding the handles, let your arms roll out in front of you with the wheel, taking your body into a kneeling, plank               position.

ab wheel roll out

     3.  Using your core muscles, bring yourself back to the starting position.

The idea is to do about 4 sets of 10-15 reps.  It looks really easy, but the first time people do it, they struggle.  I forced myself to do 4 sets of 10, but I felt like my abs were going to rip apart.  Oh, and the next two days?  Ouch!  I kept at it and got a lot stronger and more proficient with it.

I should back up for just a second.  When I said I got stronger and more proficient with it, that was in North Carolina.  The army moved us to Texas, and though we are in an apartment, it’s large enough that I actually have a “gym room” for the first time.  It’s a little small, though.  I have a treadmill in one corner, a shelving unit in another, a punching bag in another, and a large exercise ball, yoga mats, and a pull up bar in another.  On the shelving unit, I keep dumbbells, kettlebells, a medicine ball, and a crate full of resistance bands, gloves, and miscellaneous workout equipment.  I keep a lot of stuff in this little room.  Since moving here, I hadn’t used my ab wheel.  It had been buried in the crate and covered with other equipment.  It was like out of mind, out of sight.  I’d kind of forgotten about it.


I went looking for an extra pair of gloves last week before heading to the park to workout with my friend.  Her hands hurt when we do things where you hang on the bars.  I thought I had an extra pair I could give her, so I dumped out my crate.  I didn’t find the gloves, but I did find the ab wheel.  I threw it in the undercarriage of my stroller, and brought it for our workout at the park.

Having not used the ab wheel in months, it was rough!  I was sore.  I made myself knock out 4 sets of 12.  I was proud because it was tough.  The ab wheel is like doing super, intensified planks.  Literally you are doing a plank, plus pulling your body weight, all at the same time.  You  use your abs, obliques, back, shoulders, triceps, and even a little glutes and hamstrings.  It’s a very intense exercise.  It is a great addition to any ab workout, or you could even use it to superset or finish out another type of workout.

For the money, and even if money wasn’t an issue, you just cannot beat this piece of equipment for an intense ab workout.  They are available at Walmart, most sporting goods stores, and Amazon.  I am so glad I found mine again.  I’m going to throw it into my workout mix, again.

Want to learn more about the ab wheel?




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