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Our Children Will Inherit Our World

The Lorax

Some of my recent posts have really increased my desire to live a little greener, think about the environment more, and to grow my own fruits and vegetables.  I look around and I see that we are becoming everything in the movie, The Lorax.  We pull all of our natural resources in an effort to better things, when they were better before we interfered.  Big companies (for example Monsanto) put so much effort into corrupting what nature had right to begin with.

New York

Ok, so if you look at the picture above, I’ll admit, it’s beautiful.  It’s a lovely city scape.  It’s also so far from nature.  It screams greenhouse gases.  Where is nature in this?  How different is it from the picture below?


Thneedville’s residents were happily enjoying their lives, not paying any mind to the depleted resources outside of their perfect city walls.  Did you know The Lorax was published by Dr. Seuss back in 1971?  That’s over 40 years ago,  and yet it’s still so applicable, today.  Perhaps, we need to get back to the books of our childhoods.  The movie is pretty great, too!  It’s a great one for the whole family if you haven’t seen it already.  It’ll make you life, and it’ll make you start caring, as well.


I know I mentioned that I’ve planted my first vegetable garden this year.  I was always too scared before.  I’ve never had much luck keeping plants alive.  I was determined this year.  I live in an apartment, but I’ve managed two container gardens, a topsy turvy tomato plant, and a topsy turvy strawberry plant (my strawberries seem to be struggling, but I think all of my veggies are going to grow really well).


Planting the seeds, I didn’t know what would happen, but I knew what could happen!  My family could see a garden grow right here, on our own balcony.  My boys could learn about gardening.  We could eat home-grown strawberries and vegetables.  If the veggies really grew, it’d be a great experience for the whole family.


No one watches over the vegetables better than my 4 year-old, Sam.  He checks everyday to see if something new is growing.  He loves to water the plants.  We’ve been talking a lot about the environment and reduce, reuse, and recycle.  He’s been making sure everything recyclable goes in the recycle pile.  We reused an old milk jug to make this watering jug by drilling holes in the cap.  Don’t worry if you don’t drink milk.  I don’t either.  Trust me, a neighbor will happily give you their empty milk jug.


I believe in a better tomorrow.  I see promise when I see Sam’s recycle pile and when he waters the plants.  He likes to watch kids shows on YouTube about recycling.  What I do, is I put “recycling for kids” in the search bar, and he picks which ones he wants to watch.  He wants to make the Earth a better, healthier place, and I could not be prouder!


5 comments on “Our Children Will Inherit Our World

  1. Donna
    May 15, 2015

    Love that 4 yr old Sam is into recycling. Yeah Sam

    Liked by 1 person

    • Just this morning he ate a bar on the way to drop his brothers off at school. When we got back, I said grab your wrapper so we can throw it away. He said, maybe it has the recycly picture on it. He started looking for it on the wrapper. I said, I don’t think you can recycle that wrapper. He said, Oh shoot! Made me laugh.


  2. Karen
    May 18, 2015

    Way to go Sam hope there will be more like you in 20 years!

    Liked by 1 person

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