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What Makes The “Dad Bod” So Sexy?

What Makes The Dad Bod So Sexy?

What Makes The Dad Bod So Sexy?

There has been some talk on social media about the “dad bod.”  Some people think it is the sexiest thing.  Other people prefer a man with chiseled abs.  I am not sure who started it, but it turned into quite the debate.  I think the dad bod is incredibly sexy.  I find it incredibly attractive.  I think it is the look of a true man.

Most women would agree that a six pack looks great.  There is a reason male underwear and swimsuit models typically have nice, defined abs.  A six pack represents strength and dedication.  It represents a lifestyle of clean eating, and hard work in the gym.  Super heroes have abs.  Ken dolls have abs.

How could I possibly choose the dad bod?  Well, to me, it is not so much the body as what it represents.  While a dad surely could maintain a six pack, and many do.  It does become more difficult as they choose to commit to their family and home life in addition to themselves and their bodies.  While they might still aim to eat clean, they may occasionally find themselves blowing bubbles in chocolate milk with their 4 year-old.  They may find themselves at Baskin Robins celebrating their 8 year-olds soccer victory.  And they participate.  They choose to be a part of their child’s growth and make memories with them.  They might skip the gym to attend a doctors appointment or to throw a football around in the backyard.

Now please do not misunderstand what I am saying here.  I am not suggesting that these men forget their clean eating habits and their workouts.   Men who eat junk all day while sitting around are not attractive.  Laziness is not attractive. A junk food diet destroys a person inside and out.  It is not attractive to give up on yourself.  It is not attractive to let yourself go.

It comes down to more than just chiseled abs versus a soft belly.  A man who smiles because he is happy about more than just his bench press is attractive (though, he could smile about his bench press, as well).  A man who ditches the gym from time to time so he can throw a ball around with his kids, or take them to the zoo is attractive.  It is about the balance, the selflessness, and the depth it gives their overall person to commit to something greater than themselves.


2 comments on “What Makes The “Dad Bod” So Sexy?

  1. Karen
    June 4, 2015

    Your commitment to family does play an important part of your health and is worth forgoing the chiseled abs, while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You have your body to work on for 80-90 years and the kids with you around 20 years. It’s a matter of priority for that time in your life.


    • I like what you said about having your body for 80-90 years and your kids for 20. Great perspective. I had never thought of it that way before.


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