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The Zombie Effect Of Low Electrolytes – Beware The Heat

When I wrote my post Fit Girl, Wife, Mother Homemaker – Time Management, I shared a little bit about my daily routine.  I’m pretty set in my ways.  Almost too much when it comes to certain things.  My schedule being one of them.  It’s ridiculous at times.  A friend might ask to get together at some point, and I instantly think, well, no, that’s when I clean my house.  Or, no, that’s when I do my workout.  Or, no, that’s when I shower.  Like, I said, it gets a little ridiculous.  Mostly on weekdays.  On weekends I’m more flexible.  A lot more flexible.

This is exactly how I felt!  Tired zombie all the way!

This is exactly how I felt! Tired zombie all the way!

Imagine how out of whack I felt last week when I didn’t have the energy to stick to my schedule for an entire week!  It was so frustrating.  I was waking up each day feeling like a train wreck.  I felt like a zombie for the first 3 hours of each day.  After about 3 hours, I’d get some of my energy back, but not like normal.  The entire week was a struggle.  I naturally have low blood pressure.  I’ve experienced really low drops in it before.  In the past, these drops were brought on by dehydration.

In fact, once, the drop was so severe, I passed out, was taken to the emergency room, and started going into shock.  All of my alarms were going off.  There were doctors and nurses all around my bed trying to stabilize me.  It was crazy.  Kind of like an episode of House, the TV show.


Needless to say, I’ve experienced low blood pressure on many levels.  That’s how I was feeling.  I felt like my blood pressure was just too low to function normally.  The weird thing was, I knew I’d been drinking plenty of water.  My Camelbak water bottle is like an extension of my hand.  I always have it with me.  It didn’t make sense for me to be dehydrated.

On Friday, my husband stayed home from work, just for the morning.  I needed to go do some labs.  My doctor had ordered them a while back (checking for autoimmune diseases, I have a huge family history of MANY – different story), and I’d been trying to get them done all week.  Unfortunately, one of the labs required that I fast for 8 hours.  Originally, I thought, well, I’ll just go before breakfast so I don’t have to miss eating.  Let me tell you, while struggling with this zero-energy, foggy state of being, going somewhere while fasting was not happening.  My husband staying home to help me was my only hope.  It was great because he was able to see me at my worst, and could see that something really wrong.


My husband suggested that my electrolytes were probably low.  It made sense based on the way I was feeling.  Consuming natural sources of electrolytes was worth a try.  I started making my shakes with coconut water.  I made this really great key lime protein shake full of electrolyte-boosting ingredients.  I definitely recommend checking that one out.  It’s a great one for summer.  Instead of just drinking water in my Camelbak water bottle, I’ve been adding lemons or limes everyday.  I like the limes best, but it’s fun to mix it up.  I also started adding a dash of salt to my water bottle once each day.  The water bottle is 750 ml, so it’s not super salty, and I notice such a difference with how I feel.

cheers to health

For those of you following my blog, regularly, you know how much I love working out at the park.  Now, it’s just too hot.  Even now, it’s almost 9pm, and my phone is telling me it is 96 degrees outside.  It’s just too hot to do anything strenuous outside.  I still make the walk to the school to get the kids each day (1.5 miles away).  My 4 year-old, Sam, has to walk there and back with me, and he’s getting very good at it.  I pack a lot of water.  I carry my water, and I carry a bag with a water for each of the kids.  Besides drinking a lot of water, we cool off by waiting for the kids inside of the school when we pick them up.


Missing my park workouts

I definitely don’t become an indoors only kind of girl in the summer.  I love being out in the sun.  I love fresh air.  My body just has a way of letting me know I’m overdoing it and I’m getting too hot.  I have to listen to it.  We still go to the zoo.  We go to the park.  We do lots of fun things outside.  Now, there’s just more water involved.  We don’t push ourselves as hard.  When we spend a lot of time outside, there’s a more active bodily awareness.  Or in the kids cases, I’m more attentive to signs that they’re getting too much sun, heat, and/or not enough water.

It takes most people 2-3 hours to visit the zoo.  Walking is a great way to burn calories.

It takes most people 2-3 hours to visit the zoo. Walking is a great way to burn calories.

Listen to your body.  It is your best guide.  It will let you know if you’re overdoing it in the hot sun.  Plan ahead.  Always have water.  Beware of your electrolytes.  They are always important, especially in the summer.  Slow down and try to get somewhere cool if you feel like you’re getting too hot.


2 comments on “The Zombie Effect Of Low Electrolytes – Beware The Heat

  1. Karen
    June 4, 2015

    Great points to watch for as the temperature climbs this time of year.

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