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Road Trip – The Drive – Keeping Things Together Away From Home

boys on the trip

Yesterday, we left the house at 6am.  The drive From El Paso to Salt Lake City is just over 800 miles.  With kids, what would have been a 12 hour drive became a just over 16-1/2 hour drive.  That includes stopping for gas, the restroom, and dinner.  The boys did great.  They each had a tablet and headphones.  Unfortunately, none of the tablets stayed charged for the entire trip.  As the tablets would lose power, the boys would get a little loud.  We taught them to play 20 questions.  That was actually quite a bit of fun.

digestive system

Some people like to loosen up on their healthy habits while on vacation.  I can appreciate that.  It’s a great time to let loose and do what you’ve always wanted to do.  Some people want to enjoy foods they don’t normally get to.  Unfortunately, for me, letting loose on my healthy habits means not feeling as good.  And that means, not enjoying my vacation as much.  I’ve explained a little bit about my poor digestive system.  Well, I must tell you, I dread road trips.  For good reason.  I’ve gotten things figured out in able to have a daily bowel movement so long as I don’t mess up my routine.  I eat the way I eat (clean, whole foods, plant-based, paleo-inspired) as a huge part of that.  I also find that a hot beverage in the morning helps.  I also cannot leave home until I have a bowel movement.  It tends to happen about 2 hours after I wake up.  I have a hot beverage, eat my breakfast, and then shortly after, it happens.  A road trip, unfortunately, interferes with daily routine.  A lot.  I knew I was in trouble when I left home and hadn’t been able to “go.”  I stuck to my healthy eating while we drove.  I ate my homemade, paleo banana muffins, a variety of my homemade veggie chips, celery, a peach and beef jerky throughout the day.  Also, I drank a ton of water.  My stomach slowly began to feel a bit like a was carrying a cement brick in it.  My tummy aches always make me look a little pregnant.  No fun.  For dinner we stopped at Denny’s.  My poor husband was exhausted, and we all needed a moment outside of the car.  I ordered the Fit Blast.  It comes with some egg whites, scrambled with cherry tomatoes and spinach, fresh fruit, turkey bacon, and an English muffin.  Having celiac disease, I opted not to eat the English muffin.  The rest of the meal was a bit of a struggle because my belly already hurt.  It was tasty, but my tummy was so uncomfortable and bloated.  By the time we arrived at my parents house (our first destination), we were all so tired, and my stomach felt terrible.  I still wasn’t able to go to the bathroom.  I went to bed laying on my stomach, and hoped things would improve.


Determined to stay on track and have my body feeling good again, I woke up early and went for a 4 mile run.  My stomach wasn’t right yet, but a good nights sleep helped.  I figured the vigorous movement of running would help get things moving.  The run was great.  I saw the sun come up.  It was invigorating to go running first thing in the morning.  My stomach still felt a little stuffy, but I still had high hopes of improvement.  I continued to eat according to my diet (foods that agree with my body).  Still, I felt stuffy, and as the day went on, I felt stuffier.  I went to the bathroom a little bit, but not as I normally do.  It’s frustrating how much a fun vacation can be disrupted by a person’s chronic health problems.

Chocolate, Cashew, Coconut Brownie Bar

Chocolate, Cashew, Coconut Brownie Bar

Unfortunately, we’ll be back on the road in less than 48 hours.  We will be convoying up to Calgary with my parents and sisters.  That’s another day in the car!  Not what my body needs right now.  I used my mom’s Vitamix and made some Chocolate, Caramel, Coconut bars.

veggie spiralizer

Another fun thing, today, was when my mom was making dinner she had one of those fun gadgets that turns zucchini into noodles.  She showed me how it works and had me make a whole bunch of zucchini noodles for our dinner.  It was neat.  She sautéed them with onions, peppers, and scallops.

coloring book

I also invested in an adult coloring book.  They look really fun, and are supposed to be great for stress-relief.  Perhaps a little stress-relief will get my digestion back on track.  Honestly, I know what I need is a couple of days following my regular routine, but this vacation happens to have 4 full days on the road.  I’ll keep you all posted as I continue to keep my body as on track as possible throughout this trip.


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