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Road Trip – The Canadian Part Of The Trip

Wow!  My family and I just got back from Canada.  I brought the lap top so I could blog while we were there, but it was really busy.  So, I’m going to try to give a recap of some of the things I’ve been doing since my last post to keep myself healthy while on this road trip/vacation.


I did this workout from PopSugar in my mom’s backyard, which is incredibly beautiful.  She is an amazing gardener.  The gorgeous background made for a very motivating workout.  I did a little jump rope at the end.


It was suggested to me to sort out my digestive upsets, which have been brought on by my travels with magnesium.  Initially it was a miracle supplement, but after the second day of driving all day (from Utah to Canada) even the magnesium wasn’t able to completely keep things moving.  For me, changes in my schedule tend to upset my digestive system.  A road trip, including entire days in the car, are really tough on it.  Overall, I stuck to clean eating, gluten-free, and primarily paleo.  My digestion is still not perfect, but it’s moving and it’s decent.  I feel like the magnesium, hot beverages, and relaxation have really helped a lot.

gluten free

While it may sound like a curse that Celiac disease is very prevalent in my family, I find it a blessing that there are so many gluten-free foods at family gatherings.  I believe there were 7 of us with Celiac at this reunion.  I had some amazing salted caramel cashew cookies from Udi’s.  They are ridiculously good!

waterton wieners

Our whole extended family gathered at a huge cabin near Waterton, Alberta, where we spent our first night in Canada.  In the morning we all went on a ferry ride around Waterton Lake.  My aunt made arrangements for us to have lunch at this place called Wieners of Waterton. They have gluten free hot dogs.  The buns aren’t gluten free, but they don’t give you a funny look at all when you order your wiener in a lettuce wrap.  In fact, they have so many fun toppings, such as ginger carrots to top off your lettuce wrapped wiener, it’s gourmet even without the bun.


After lunch, many of us chose to stay in Waterton for a nice hike.  The area was very beautiful, and many of us enjoy hiking.  With all of our kids hiking with us, we opted for a shorter hike.  I put on my weight vest to increase the intensity a bit.  We got rained on, which also kept the hike a little shorter, but it was nice to get out and do something physical after so much driving.

maple syrup no 2

Something I really wanted to buy while in Canada was grade B maple syrup (no. 2, as it is referred to in Canada).  I have never seen it where I live in the U.S.  In fact, it’s even hard to find in Canada.  We had to go to the health food store to find it.  I’m originally from Montreal, but have never had grade B maple syrup.  I’ve recently heard that it’s supposed to have a stronger flavor and is superior as far as nutrition, as well.  I’m still learning about it, but you can read more here.  The way I see it, it can’t hurt because it’s at least as good.  I’m saving it until I get home, so I will let you know more when I actually try it.


It is tradition for our family to get together for some friendly 5 pin bowling whenever we’re together.  Did you know there are health benefits to bowling?  It is a sport, you know!  The walking, squatting, lunging all contribute to a strong lower body.  Carrying and maneuvering the weighted ball to hit the pins helps strengthen and tone your arms and core.  What’s particularly great about bowling is that so many people can do it.  We had kids as young as 2 or 3 bowling.  My grandpa, who I believe is 85, was also bowling.  It makes it a great sport for the whole family to enjoy together.

lavender cake mix

All of the girls in the family gathered for a tea party.  It’s a tradition my younger sister started a few years ago.  She wanted to have classy fun.  We all gather, wear dresses and big hats, drink tea, and eat elegant finger foods.  It’s always a good time.  Typically, the conversation is more hilarious and inappropriate than classy, but we laugh our heads off and enjoy our tea.  This year we had a mojito minty lime tea that was very yummy.  However, the unforgettable thing for me was the cupcakes.  They were gluten free, lavender cupcakes!  Amazing!  I have to order this mix, and I have to recommend you do, as well, because they were that good!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

We had a semi-formal, pot-luck dinner one night.  I made a salad and my chocolate chip cookie cake.  It was such a good time making it.  I was staying at my cousin’s house.  She also has 3 boys, about the same ages as my own.  While they played, we prepared our dishes for the pot-luck.  Well, here’s what made it especially cool… She has Celiac, too!  We were both preparing gluten free dishes together.  She’s also into clean eating, and is also inspired by the paleo diet.  While I prepared my salad and chocolate chip cookie cake, she prepared bacon-wrapped-pineapple and gluten free angel food cake, along with berries and whipped coconut cream.  The entire weekend, as I mentioned earlier, was full of gluten free options.  It felt so good to have so many foods that I could eat without stomach problems!  Now, the Celiac thing runs strong in my family, but I did hear some of the guys who married into the family saying how crazy it is to be surrounded by so much gluten free food.  They cracked a few jokes, but they were all great sports.  There were plenty of “normal,” “junky (as I call them) foods for those who wanted them.  Even my 6 year-old who recently declared himself a vegetarian (3 weeks, now) had plenty of food options.

calgary zoo

Some of the family stayed in Calgary a little longer.  Those of us who did visited the Calgary Zoo.  It’s a huge zoo, with tons of exhibits.  It even has a dinosaur portion, full of huge, animated/robotic dinosaurs!  It was fun for both the kids and the adults.  Something I love about visiting zoos is that it is a way for both young and old to get some physical activity in a very entertaining way.  Most zoos, including this one, have several hilly paths to walk up and down.  Always a fun time.


Alright, well, that covers the high points from the trip to Canada.  We aren’t home yet.  My family is visiting with my parents in Utah for about another week.  In Canada, there was a tighter schedule.  I focused less on workouts, and more on keeping active through things like hiking, bowling, and visiting the zoo.  I also made sure to keep my eating on point so I would feel good.  Now that I’m back at my parent’s house, the schedule is more relaxed, and the workouts are a little more focused and more intense.  I will keep you posted.


2 comments on “Road Trip – The Canadian Part Of The Trip

  1. Leiah Dumouchel-Lockhart
    June 25, 2015

    It was so great to see you. We miss you tons already. I Think it’s safe too say that everyone enjoyed the gluten free items. Your cookie cake was delicious and “normal” tasting. Gluten free food is so much better now. Question though. ..I was told by a dietician who works with people who have celiac disease that I should allow the rest of the members in my home to eat gluten. .. whole grain bread for example. What are you’re thoughts? If You don’t have the disease should you eat gluten free?

    Liked by 1 person

    • mireillesjourneytohealth
      June 26, 2015

      It was so fun to spend time with your family. So, unfortunately, I’ve seen research arguing for, and against feeding your gluten tolerant family members “gluten foods.” Ultimately, I would suggest doing whatever feels right for your family, until more research is done. “Gluten foods” can be very nutrient dense, but all of the nutrients found in “gluten foods” can also be found elsewhere.


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