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Baking A Cake – A Humorous Poem For Those With Dietary Restrictions

Baking A Cake - A Humorous Poem For Those With Dietary Restrictions

Baking A Cake – A Humorous Poem For Those With Dietary Restrictions

Wow! So, that’s me in the pic above.  It’s been a long, hot day in El Paso.  Our air conditioner is not the best.  Oh, and in this heat, I rarely bother with makeup.  When you get hot and sweaty, makeup just feels gross.  So, I must apologize that I did not get all dolled up for this pic, but this is me doing what I do.  I throw my hair in a ponytail, and I bake. Or cook. Honestly, I love both.  It’s my fun, and it’s my stress-relief.

One of my favorite things about making my own food, is not having to worry about sneaky ingredients I can’t eat.  Walking through the grocery store, checking ingredients on packaged food is enough to make anyway crazy.  It’s food.  It should not have the ingredient composition of a science experiment.  And, here I am trying to eat according to my dietary restrictions (allergies, Celiac, and intolerances).  It’s a good thing I enjoy cooking and baking.

So, here I was thinking about this goofy way of life that I actually enjoy, for the most part.  I was thinking about how weird some people might think I am.  Anyway, I started rhyming words, and the next thing I know I have a silly poem that actually says it like it is, in my opinion.  The poem is goofy, but I am kind of proud of it, so if you copy it for any reason, please keep it linked to http://www.mireillesjourneytohealth.com

Baking A Cake

Baking a cake is easy you say?

Just a mix, water, eggs, and oil?

You say that, but a piece of that cake,

Would cause my belly great turmoil.

I have to buy cassava flour,

Or banana or coconut,

Without these special ingredients,

I’m really in a rut.

I’ll need something to sweeten it.

Maple syrup?  Or should I use honey?

Or dates?  Or maybe molasses?

They cost a little less money.

Your frosting comes in a jar, you say?

I’ve seen that, and that’s just great!

Mine’s made with mashed avocado,

It’s delicious!  Just you wait!

Sure my cake may take a little longer,

And it can be tedious,

But it tastes great, and is good with my belly,

So, it’s definitely worth the fuss!


4 comments on “Baking A Cake – A Humorous Poem For Those With Dietary Restrictions

  1. alixrocks
    July 17, 2015

    What a lovley poem! Now, what about the exact recipe? It sounds delicious! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ranu802
    July 17, 2015

    Bravo Mireille I love your poem!

    Liked by 1 person

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