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Balance, The Brain, Meditation, And Supplements – Guest Post By BJ

A little while back, I had my friend BJ do a guest post on supplements, I Use Supplements, and Am Proud of It! – Guest Post By BJ.  The post is a short, easy-read on why a person might consider taking dietary supplements.  Well, since then, BJ’s been busy with work and fatherhood, but alas, I’ve gotten him to write a follow-up post.  This post is full of humor and fun, with really great information:


What’s going on!!!

Hi everyone, this is your good friend BJ McKay again.  Sorry for the hiatus, but good ole BJ has had writer’s block for a while.  There were so many ideas floating around in my head, that I didn’t know where to begin!!  What supplements should I start with, how do a categorize them, what are the health concerns of the readers, etc  Then it slapped me in the face, like I was dueling myself!  I don’t know who got off the first shot, but someone definitely went down… I think…


I’ve decided to not only talk about supplements, but how to be healthy!!!  I’ve been in the health, fitness, and supplement industries for so long, that I don’t want to go backwards.  I don’t want to talk about things that were relevant 10 years ago.  Heck, not even one year ago!  I think the readers of this article deserve, no, it’s their birth right (Maybe too strong, but hey, I’m a passionate person.  Just look at all the exclamation marks I use!) to have up to date health knowledge!  I’m about to let you jump on the train, and ride with me as I travel down the tracks of my personal health growth.  Nothing will be off-limits!  If you didn’t pay for a ticket, no worries!!!  All tickets are FREE!!!  That means you have nothing to lose by joining the journey!  We are loading, and I just punched your ticket(s).  ALL ABOARD!!!!!

What is Health?

What is health?  Or better yet, what is healthy???  Is it not having cancer?  Being able to run a marathon?  7% body fat?  If you had asked me this question a year ago, you would have gotten a different answer.  Drum roll please………………..

Ying and Yang!!

Um, I mean BALANCE!!!

Surprised?  So was I!  Balance is what I have found to be the most important key to my health.  And I’m finding that balance includes everything.

The American Way – The amount of time you work: 40, 50, 60+ hours per week.

Lift or die bro – How often you work out:  3, 4, 5 days a week?

Are you eating Macro??  – What foods you eat:  High Sugar, fat, protein?

And those are just a few examples of parts of our lives that need balance.  It’s almost impossible to isolate them from one another.  I’ve found that when I work in one area, all areas are affected!  It’s like our bodies are connected or something.

If I eat less sugar, I lose weight.  When I lose weight, my knees and back hurt less.  When I’m not in pain, I work out more efficiently, with more weight.  When I work out more, I lose more fat.  And the cycle repeats itself.  This is what I call THE FLOW.  When we are flowing, we are growing!  When we are growing, we are going.  And when we are going, we are toying, with awesomeness (Did you like the rhymes?  I think I was a rapper in a past life, but I’m still waiting on confirmation).

The Brain

Not only is it a good snack for zombies, but the brain works best when it is balanced.  I’ve been told that it also taste better when it’s balanced.  Something about enhanced neural plumpness.  If you’re still curious, ask a zombie.

The brain is divided into two different hemispheres.  Most scientist believe that the left side is predominately logical, and the right side is more creative.  There is still much to learn about how the brain works, but most agree that both hemispheres work together.  I definitely believe this idea.  In my experiences, people that are left brain dominate tend to know the solution to the problem.  They just don’t know what the problem is.  Right brain dominate people can identify the problem, but don’t know how to solve it.  Some people believe that geniuses are individuals that have a perfect balance of their hemispheres.

Right Brain:  How do I balance the hemispheres of the brain?

Left Brain:  Learn to meditate, and take supplements that nourish the brain and balance electromagnetic fields.

How to Meditate

Here is how you learn to meditate.

  1. Find a Buddhist or Tibetan monk
  1. Go into isolation for 10-20 years
  1. Shave your head to increase the frequencies in your brain

If you are like me, you don’t have much “free” time.  Kids, dogs, spouses, monkeys, they all take up a significant part of your time (or so I’ve been told if you are doing it the correct way).  I spend 5-15 minutes a day.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  For some reason the word BALANCE comes to mind (now where did I hear that word before?).  Please see the links below for some tips that I’ve found to be extremely helpful.  I refer to them as “Meditation Shortcuts.”


When I stare at the Sri Yantra, it allows me to get into a meditative state faster, with my eyes open!  I predominantly use the top one.


I also listen to theta or delta binaural beats while I stare at the Sri Yantra.



Fish oil, coconut oil, and other healthy MCTs are the raw materials used for brain matter.  I recommend them all.  Also, I have started using Etherium Gold for brain balance.  I use the liquid (it’s half the price!!) Please see the link below.



That about does it for this instalment.  I promise that I will be back sooner (only if Mimi lets me!!!).  Balance is what I have found to be key for my health, and it all starts with the brain!  Please let us know if you find these links and tips to be helpful.

Keep on trucking!!!


2 comments on “Balance, The Brain, Meditation, And Supplements – Guest Post By BJ

  1. ranu802
    August 30, 2015

    Dear Mireille,this post is awesome, thank you and your guest.:)


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