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Should Food Trucks Be Allowed In School Zones At Dismissal Time? Your Opinions…

school zoneEveryday when I pick my boys up from school, this is what I see.  Actually, this is about 5 minutes before the middle school next door to this elementary school lets out.  It’s about 10 minutes before the pre-K class in this elementary school let out.  It’s about 15 minutes before the actual elementary school lets out.  It’s actually quite the commotion, so I always get there early.  The food truck in this picture is there, in that exact spot, every single school day, just in time for all the kids to get out.  He remains parked there until everyone has cleared out.  He serves ice cream, nacho cheese smothered Cheetos, and so much more.  There is always a line of kids from the elementary school, middle school, and even parents.

I’m very troubled when I see this food truck.  Obviously, being the health-nut that I am, I don’t agree one bit with the food he is serving.  I think it’s very counter-productive to the fight against the obesity epidemic.  I also think that there’s plenty of traffic confusion without a mobile business truck, swarming with kids parked in the midst.  I also find it unethical to target kids with a product before they’ve even left the school zone.  A huge part of me wants to take action, but I’d love some other opinions first.  I’ve put together a short survey (it’s super, duper short!), comments are also great, and/or both.  Let me know if you think I’m over-reacting or if you, too, feel like something needs to be done.

Click here for the survey


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