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Raspberry Lemon Gummies – Guest Recipe From Ashley

Ashley is my beautiful little sister who happened to get hit with a lot of health problems.  She suffers from autoimmune diseases, including alopecia.  She has severe asthma.  She also struggles with symptoms she hasn’t been able to get diagnosed yet.  When it comes to her health, she was dealt a rough hand.  However, this is the most positive, cheerful, girl, sister, wife, mother, etc… in the entire universe.  Well, after the holidays, she decided she was going to try to heal her body through a clean diet.  In the process, she’s become the gummie-making queen!  She makes these all of the time to help with cravings and posts pictures, making us all want gummies.  She plays around and tries different flavors.  I recommend you do the same.  I’ve seen people who have even used kombucha, aloe juice, and even prune juice in gummies.  Be creative!  Ok, here is Ashley with her gummie recipe:

raspberry gummies

I crave treats on a constant consistent basis and these have been my go-to candy.  My kids love them and I don’t have to feel bad about how eating them so often. Once you make them you can adjust ingredients for preferred tastes.

-2 1/2 cups of raspberries (to make 2 cups of juice)
-1/4 cup of honey (adjust for flavor preference)
– 1/4 cup of lemon juice (adjust for flavor preference)
-6 Tbsp of gelatin (grass fed preferred)

WARNING! STEPS ARE IMPORTANT, don’t skip any or they won’t turn out.

Step one: blend raspberries to create 2 cups of raspberry juice.
Step two: pour raspberry juice into a sauce pan. (KEEP HEAT REALLY LOW, you don’t want to cook it, just warm it slightly)
Step three: add the lemon juice and honey
Step four: prepare a pan, cupcake tin or mold pan for mixture. (Meaning, have it out and ready)
Step five: GRADUALLY mix in the gelatin stirring constantly to avoid clumps. IMMEDIATELY pour mixture into pan. About a 1/2 inch high.
Step six: refrigerate for 30 minutes. Longer for thicker molds.
Step seven: remove gelatin and cut into small squares or use mini cookie cutters. If you used molds your raspberry gummies are already ready, no cutting necessary!
Step eight: ENJOY!

WARNING: Don’t use mango, pineapple or papaya, enzymes in the fruit will not let the gelatin set.

So far I have used raspberry and strawberry.

Banana is only good when mixed with another flavor and only use a small amount of banana or it may come out tasting like on old banana.

Thank you, Ashley!  Ok, so even though this recipe is making a gummie treat, it’s actually doing your body good at the same time.  Gelatin is great for your bones and joints.  It also strengthens hair and nails.  It can even be used to speed the recovery of an injury. 


I wanted to add to this post, that you can mix and match and get really creative with your flavors.  Just keep the liquid to gelatin ratio the same.  Also, you can make some really cute gummies with fun molds.  Check out these Star Wars gummies I made using Ashley’s recipe:

darth vader gummy


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