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Key Lime Pie Shake

Key Lime Pie Shake

Key Lime Pie Shake

I like having a shake in the evening.  Lately, I’ve been concerned about my electrolytes being a little low.  I decided to use coconut water as a base for this one.  Then, I just started adding things, thinking this sounds good, and that sounds good.   The end result?  A delicious, summery, key lime protein shake.  Yeah baby!


8 oz coconut water

1 frozen banana

2 frozen spinach cubes (spinach puree, frozen in cubes)

Juice of 1 lime

1/2 Tbsp honey

1 scoop vanilla protein

Directions: Blend everything until smooth.  Enjoy

This is a great shake because not only do you get your protein, literally every ingredient contributes to healthy electrolyte balance.  The coconut water, banana, lime and honey are all highly favored ingredients in homemade sports drinks.


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