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Kombucha, Papaya-Lime Protein Shake

Kombucha, Papaya-Lime Protein shake

Kombucha, Papaya-Lime Protein shake

When the thought of using kombucha in my protein shake first crossed my mind, I almost dismissed it.  Then, I remembered they use soda to make floats by mixing it with ice cream, and nowadays, they even make shakes with wine.  Using kombucha began to seem like not such a far out idea.

The shake I came up with was amazing, but there is some prep work.  I pureed a half of a papaya and poured the puree into an ice cube tray to freeze.  I do this with various fruits and vegetables to use in smoothies.  It’s especially great to do with something that you think may spoil before you get around to eating it.  That’s actually what happened with the papaya.  I’d bought so much fruit.  We ate half of the papaya, but I was a little nervous the other half wouldn’t get eaten in time.  Hence, I made frozen papaya puree cubes.

Ok, so let me share the recipe of the shake that I came up with.  It’s delicious!  Try this one, and also, be creative.  See what other fun kombucha shakes you can create.  Feel free to post them in the comments.


8 oz kombucha (store bought or homemade, I used homemade)

1 scoop vanilla protein (one that fits your personal dietary parameters)

4 frozen papaya puree cubes

Juice of 1 lime

1 Tbsp honey

Directions: Puree everything together until smooth.  I recommend having fun with garnishes.  I stuck a sliced lime on the side of mine.  I’m sure ya’ll can come up with some fun garnish ideas.

It’s kind of a cool combination.  There are actually enzymes in papaya that help you digest protein.  Kombucha is actually a non-dairy probiotic drink made from fermented tea.


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