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Paleo 21 DSD Green Apple & Banana Spinach Smoothie

21 dsd shake

I have a green smoothie everyday for lunch.  I’ve come to really love them.  When I decided to start my 21 day sugar detox, I was nervous that my smoothie would taste of coconut milky spinach.  I was not looking forward to that.  Then, it occurred to me, that on the 21 day sugar detox, you are permitted 1 either green apple, or green tipped banana each day.  I wanted to save my fruit for the evening.  However, I came to realize that I could use a portion of it in my smoothie and save the rest for the evening when my sweet cravings typically hit.  This shake is actually amazing whether or not you’re doing the 21 day sugar detox.


6 oz full-fat coconut milk

1 cup spinach (I use frozen, so I don’t need ice)

1/4 green tipped banana (1/4 of the whole banana, I freeze mine so I don’t need ice)

1/4 green apple (1/4 of the whole apple)

Directions: Place all ingredients in the blender and let it run until smooth.  Pour into a glass and consume immediately, or pour into popsicle molds and freeze for popsicles later.


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