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Paleo Chocolate Banana Glaze

candlesChocolate banana glaze

Well it’s my birthday, and I wanted a yummy cake.  I used my Paleo Triple Nut Pound Cake recipe.  Then I decided to make a chocolate glaze to pour between the layers and over the top.  Honestly, you can just mix melted chocolate chips and full-fat coconut milk for a quick easy glaze, but I decided to add banana to the mix.  The flavors of chocolate and banana go together so well.  I knew my kids would enjoy it.  Also, because of the hazelnut flour in the cake, when eaten together (the cake with the glaze) it’s reminiscent of bananas with Nutella.  Not overly sweet like bananas and Nutella, though.  I was going to get fancy and decorate with fresh flowers, but my boys decided we were going to have the cake for lunch, rather than dinner and I hadn’t yet decorated it.  I just went with it.  We’re an easy going bunch.

Chocolate Banana Glaze Recipe:

1/2 cup full-fat coconut milk

1 banana, mashed

1/2 cup melted chocolate chips, melted (Enjoy Life are dairy and gluten free)

Directions:  Mix the coconut milk, mashed banana, and melted chocolate chips thoroughly.  Pour a little at a time over cake.  If you’re glazing a double layer cake, as I did, start with the bottom layer.  Don’t pour too fast.  This glaze sets up slowly.  I poured a little on, refrigerated for a few moments, poured some on, and refrigerated some more.  Continue until you are satisfied.  Add the top layer and glaze in the same way that you glazed the bottom layer.  Store in refrigerator until you are ready to serve.


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