Mireille's Journey To Health




Love your body. Take care of it. Work it out. Push it.

Workout to maintain a healthy weight, boost immunity, improve your mood, sex life, and energy levels, sleep better, and have a really good time (yes, working out can be a good time!).

Dumbbell Exercise Reference Guide a great reference if you’re unsure how to do an exercise

Killer Shoulders a great workout for your shoulders using dumbbells

Abs an awesome ab workout with more to come

Favorite Yoga Videos (3) relaxing, strength and flexibility-building yoga videos

Workouts For The Legs And Booty (6) 4 awesome lower body workouts, plus a creative way to do weighted hip thrusts at home

Total Body Workouts (5) a variety of total body workouts

Fat-Burning Treadmill Workout

Chest & Tricep Workouts (2) a variety of chest and tricep workouts

Back & Biceps back and bicep dumbbell workout

Outdoor/Park Workouts (4) a great way to get sunshine, let the kiddos play, and get your workout in


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