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Chest & Tricep Workouts (2)

Women who choose not to work their chest, clearly don’t understand the benefits.  First, fat-burning.  That seems to be a goal of most women.   Your chest muscles are a large muscle group (pectoralis, actually).  When you work a large muscle group you increase fat-burning.  Most women want beautiful shoulders and arms.  Well, when you work your chest you inadvertently work those, too.  Ok, now saggy boobs?  Didn’t think so.  Just another reason to work your chest.  It will keep your breasts a little perkier.  It also creates a stronger core and upper body.  This will help you with other workouts and in your day to day life.  Training your triceps helps create beautiful, sexy, toned arms for when you want to show a little more skin.  Why work them together?  Well, you don’t have to.  The advantage to pairing them, however, is that when you work your chest, your triceps are stimulated.  Then when you finish your chest and go into triceps, they’re pre-fatigued, and it doesn’t take as much to burn them out.  Also, if you choose to split them up, you’ll end up hitting your triceps a bit on both chest day and triceps day.  Depending on how heavy you lift, and how long you take to recover, this can be a problem.  Do what works best for you.

Push Baby, Push An all out pushup blast, with bodyweight squats in between

Chest & Triceps – Free Weights Classic free weight chest and tricep exercises


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