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Chest & Triceps – Free Weights

Building chest and triceps.

Building chest and triceps.

I’m kind of getting back to the original way I worked out lately.  When I first started working out, I did chest and triceps one day, back and biceps another, shoulders another, and legs another.  I get bored from time to time and mix things up.  I’ll split it up differently, or do a total body workout from time to time.  It just depends on how I feel.  Lately, I’ve been mixing it up, and now I want to get back to my original split for the time being.

All I used here are dumbbells and a ball.  The weight of the dumbbells you use depends on you and your goals.  All of the exercises I did here are very straight forward classic exercises.  I use my ball as a bench.  The ball forces me to use more core, doesn’t allow me to press up with my back, and I don’t own a bench.  You’re welcome to use a bench if you prefer.

Every exercise is 3 sets of 12:

Chest Press

Chest Flies


Standing, Bent Over Tricep Extension (Both arms at the same time)

Overhead Tricep Extension (Laying on ball or bench)

Tricep Pushups (The difference is in the hand placement. With tricep pushups, your hands are adjacent to your chest.  You keep your elbows right next to your body.)

I would like to remind you all how helpful social media can be with your workouts.  Whether it’s finding a workout you love, or learning proper form.  I’ve googled exercises I wasn’t familiar with lots of times.  You can find pictures or even videos.


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