Mireille's Journey To Health


Push Baby, Push


Push it!
All out push-up blast!

I like to plan my workouts in advance.  This could mean finding a great workout on Pinterest I want to do, or writing out my own workout.  If I wait til workout time, I’ll decide I’m tired and I won’t challenge myself.  It doesn’t have to be way in advance.  Sometimes I’ll plan all of my workouts a week in advance. Sometimes my workouts are planned out with just an hour til workout time. I find I need to have it planned at least an hour in advance.  This particular one I came up with on a sleepless night. It’s awesome! Very challenging.  It’s an all out push-up blast, with a break to squat. Yes, your breaks are for squatting.  Why waste time standing around when you could be working other body parts.  Don’t worry, it’s all body weight.  It kicked my butt in the best way.  I know you’ll love the challenge as much as I did.  You’re going to do 3 sets of 10 reps of each push-up variation.  After each set you do 15 body weight squats.  Here’s the workout:

Incline push-ups (hands on an excercise ball) – These are brutal! The softness of the ball makes pushing up really hard. Go to your knees if you need to.

Decline push-ups (feet on an excercise ball) – These will challenge your core as you try to hold the ball in place, while pushing.

Clapping push-ups – Regular push-ups, but you push off the ground and clap. Do the best you can. If your hands don’t quite clap, keep going. You can go to your knees if need be.

Close hand/triangle push-ups – Regular push-ups, but your hands are close, with your thumbs and index fingers forming a triangle. Once again, you can always go to your knees.

Regular push-ups – Keep pushing. Almost done. You can always modify by going to your knees.

Knee push-ups – This last set you do on your knees. Because it’s easier I pushed these 3 sets to 20 reps.  If you feel you have it in you, you can push it too.

Make sure you don’t forget to squat between each set! If you complete this workout, you’ll have done 180 push-ups (210 if you pushed 20 reps on the last set) and 210 squats!  That’s amazing!  If you didn’t complete it, but gave it your best, that’s awesome, too! Don’t give up. Keep training. Check back with this workout.  See how you’re strength improves.


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