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Fat-Burning Treadmill Workout

Every year come tax time, we use a little of our tax return to knock something off our “always wanted” list.  This year, I got my treadmill!  I am so happy!  While I love getting my cardio outdoors, this is nice for those days where it’s not practical.  It just adds a lot of convenience to it.

treadmill picture

Wahoo! This girl just got an awesome treadmill!

Walking on an incline increases calories burned, is great for cardiovascular health, and it is great for fat-burning!  It also, helps smooth and tighten the wiggly jigglies that most of us have below our buns/glutes.  With summer just around the corner, who doesn’t want to tighten up a little more?  You can even turn and target the wiggly jigglies on the front and sides of your legs.

Listen to music to avoid boredom.  Personally, with music, I find my cardio time relaxing because it’s just me, the movement, and the music.

Try to walk for 30-45 minutes.  Let me take you through the movements.  It’s pretty simple.

1. We have the forward walking on an incline.  This targets the backside of the legs, all the way up to the glutes.  The speed can be between 2 and 3.5.  It doesn’t need to be fast.

2. We have the sideways incline walk.  You’ll want to lower your speed to between 1.2-1.8 for this part.  It’s tricky. Especially if you are not used to it.  All you’re doing is walking sideways.  This hits the sides of your legs all the way up to your hips.

3. We have the backward walking.  You can probably raise your speed to between 1.4-2.0 here.  I do, but for your first time, for safety reasons, start slowly.

I recommend wearing the safety key clip doing this workout, especially if you are not accustomed to turning  on a treadmill.  It’s a great workout for fat-burning.


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