Mireille's Journey To Health


Legs And Glutes At The Park Or Anywhere

Ya’ll know I love my park workouts.  It’s just so nice to be outside in El Paso, lately.  Our weather is beautiful.  It’s energizing, invigorating, and peaceful all at the same time.  This workout was pretty tough, though we only used 5lb dumbbells.  Let me give you some background.  I did this one with a friend, which was great for motivation.  First we loaded our strollers with our kiddos and 2 5lb dumbbells.  My little guy is 4 and I believe he’s about 40lbs.  For me, I was pushing about 50lbs to the park.  It’s just over a mile away.  The whole way there we were walking into the wind.  When we got there, we were already a little beat down, but still motivated.  Check out our leg/glute workout:


lunges at the park

Holding our dumbbells, we did lunges all around the playground.  The playground starts to feel huge once you get going.


squats at the park

Without any rest, we immediately knocked out 15 squats holding our dumbbells.

Glute Raises

glut bridges at the park

Without a break, we rested our shoulders on a ledge and did 15 glute raises.  We did not use our dumbbells for these, however you totally could if you wanted to.

Calf Raises

calf raises at the park

Once again, without a break, we grabbed our dumbbells and immediately did 15 calve raises.

We completed the circuit 4 times, and then pushed the weights and the kids in the stroller all of the way home, which happens to be uphill.

*Whenever you workout, be mindful of your body.  If you need to sit down for a moment, do so.  If you need water, stop and drink some, especially if you are working out in the hot sun.*


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