Mireille's Journey To Health


Park Bench Workout

A park bench is great for a workout

Spring is just about here. Enjoy fresh air while getting in a great park bench workout.

This workout is so much fun.  There’s a park across from my older boys’ school.  Sam, my little guy, and I like to leave early so he can play at the park while we wait for them.  Somedays, as you can see, he tires out and doesn’t end up playing.  I don’t mind.  I’m happy to get there early too because I love to get my park workout in before the older boys are finished.  A bench like the one in the picture is all you need for this workout (a chair would work if you wanted to do this inside).  Alright, this workout is intended to be high intensity, which is great for fat burning, so little to no breaks.  Let’s go.

100 Jumping Jacks – Get your heart rate going

10 Step Ups (each leg) – Step up, step down, step up, step down…

30 High Knees – The higher you get them up, the better for your abs

8 Dips with leg lift (each leg) – Dip with one lifted as you dip down

30 Mountain Climbers – With hands on the bench

10 knee-to-elbow planks (10 each side) – With feet on bench and hands on ground, bring right knee to right elbow, left knee to left elbow, right knee to right elbow…

20 Burpees (no pushup) – Save your energy, don’t do the pushup

12 Incline Pushups – Here’s your pushup, hands on the bench, feet on the ground

You’re not done yet.  Do the entire thing 2 more times!!!  You got this!

HIIT, like this, is one of the best ways to build muscle and burn fat.  Yes, it will tire you out, but you can do it.  If you have to slow down, slow down.  Just don’t give up!


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