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10 Minute, Karate-Inspired Workout

Sam's karate-inspired workout

Martial arts, in general, can inspire such great workouts.

My 4 year-old, has been pushing and pushing to do karate for about a year now.  He’s a strong little guy.  When getting a cavity filled at the dentist, he managed to fight off the dentist, the hygienist, and the assistants.  They had to put him in a straight jacket type of thing.  I guess it’s like a blanket with giant Velcro straps.  He still managed to fight his way out.  They said he was the first kid they’ve ever seen get out of it.  Well, he’s strong, but he’s got a lot of personality.  My husband and I sometimes worry about his energy and spunk getting him into trouble when he starts school this fall.  We decided to let him try karate in hopes that the discipline he’ll learn there will help him in school.  He’s been in class twice now, and he loves it. There are students of all ages in class with him, all the way up to a 45 year-old man.  After watching him in class, I decided there were a few things he needed to work on in order to keep up.  To get two things done at one time, I planned my workout around the things I wanted him to work on, and we just worked out together.

The Workout

Ok, so here’s your workout.  You’re going to do each exercise for 30 seconds.  You go through the whole list of exercises from top to bottom 3 times.  The whole thing takes just 10 minutes.

Jumping Jacks – make your movements sharp not sloppy

Bodyweight Squats – the lower the better

High Knees – the higher the better

Punches (Shadow Boxing) – fast and strong

Horse Stance – Just position yourself like your sitting on a horse and hold for 30 seconds

Front Kicks – try to kick higher each time

This workout is only 10 minutes.  Give it everything you got.  Don’t be sloppy.  You get what you put in.  There’s no such thing as a wasted workout, but there is such thing as a great workout.  Do a great workout.  Make your 10 minutes count!


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