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Play Ball


Play Ball!
Get fit with just a ball.

Sometimes I like to plan a whole workout around one piece of equipment.  This workout only requires you and a medicine ball.  Don’t let the simplicity fool you, it will kick your butt (in the best way possible)! I like to superset my workouts lately in order to save time. This means I do my first set of my first excercise, first set of my second, second set of the first excercise, second set of my second, and so on.  It eliminates the need for idle breaks.   I didn’t used to like this.  I used to prefer a 30 second rest period between sets.  You can decide whether or not you want to superset.  Just make sure you knock out 3 sets of each excercise.  You could even go through all the excercises as 1 big circuit and do it 3 times.  Here’s your workout:

12 Squats – Holding the ball straight out in front of you, and moving it overhead as you squat down.

12 Supermans with a pass – Laying on your tummy, lift your legs 6″ off the ground. With your arms out in front of you, lifted 6″ off the ground, as well, roll the ball back and forth between your arms.

10 Lunges with a pass – Standing in a lunge position, pass the ball in a circle around whichever thigh is in front (10 times). Switch legs.

8 V-Passes – Lay on your back with arms straight on the ground above your head, holding the ball. Bring arms and legs up together and pass the ball to your legs. Squeeze the ball with your ankles or calves to hold the ball. Lower legs and arms back to starting position, with ball still squeezed tightly by legs. Bring arms and legs back up, holding ball with legs, pass the ball back to hands. Bring arms and legs back to starting position.  In other words, pass the ball back and forth from hands to feet/legs.  If it’s too hard, use a stability ball.

5 push-ups with one hand on ball – 5 on each side

12 Sit-ups with a toss – Hold the ball while doing sit-ups, at the top, toss the ball up, catch it and go back down. No need to toss very high.

12 Overhead tosses – Standing with feet shoulder width apart, toss ball a foot overhead, catch, and repeat.

12 Russian Twists – In a sit-up position, lean back to a 45′ angle.  In this position, holding the ball, twist and tap the ball on the ground on your right side, twist and tap the ball on the ground on your left side, and repeat.

After you’ve completed all excercises, if you have stairs in your house, go up and down the stairs 24 times for extra fat burning.  If you don’t have stairs, you could go for a run, jump rope or do jumping jacks.

My medicine ball is just 10 lbs, and this workout wore me out.  The V-Pass is particularly difficult.  Do the best you can.  As I mentioned in the workout, you can use a stability ball.  If that’s too difficult, you can use an imaginary ball.  With all of the workouts I post, it’s better to modify them, and get through, than to decide they’re too difficult and give up.


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