Mireille's Journey To Health


Let’s Hit It


I love to box!
Boxing is a very intense workout!

This bad boy punching bag was number one on my Christmas list, and Santa came through for me.  One of my trainers incorporated boxing into our workouts, and I just fell inlove with it.  It’s intense.  A typical boxing round is 3 minutes with a minute to rest between rounds.  I do 4 rounds when I box, but a professional boxing match can have as many as 12 rounds!  Endurance is the key.  If you were in an actual boxing match, you’d need to endure longer than your opponent.  I’m going to take you through the workout I did here. For each round set your timer for 3 minutes. Only rest 1 minute between rounds.

Round 1

Throw about 6 punches.  Squat down low (Almost to the ground) as if to dodge your opponents swing, however don’t bend at the waist. Repeat, throwing 6 punches and squats for the full 3 minutes.

Round 2

Every punch is a knock out punch for 15 seconds. Catch your breath while continuing to punch and jab  for 15 seconds.  Repeat knockout punches 15 seconds, and punch with jabs for 15 seconds, for 3 minutes.

Round 3

Standing in front of bag, squat 5 times.  On your 5th squat, stay down in a squat position and circle the bag twice. It’s sort of like a quick, squat shuffle.  After circling the bag twice, do 5 more squats.  Like round 2, catch your breath while throwing punch-jab combos for 15 seconds.  Repeat, starting with the 5 squats, circling the bag, squatting, and throwing punch-jab combos.

Round 4

*Freestyle*  Use this opportunity to really work it.  You get what you give.  Move around that bag, punch hard, and give it all you got.

This is a great full-body workout.  It incorporates cardio and strength.  Remember, safety first.  Wear gloves, watch your wrists, and be mindful of what’s around you (don’t break anything).


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