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A Little Leg Workout


Home gym
A little gym equipment to tear it up at home

I had a request to post workouts. Actually, the request was for workout videos. Well, my main workout time is in the evening once the kids are in bed, so im not entirely sure how I would film it or if it would be bright enough anyhow.  I will continue to try and figure something out. I often add a second workout during the day when my big boys are at school and Brian’s at work. Most of the time Sam naps at that time, but on the days he’s awake, I’ll put his filming skills to the test.

So, the picture above shows my little workout space. I definitely recommend working out in front of a mirror. On the floor in this pic, you can see the equipment I used for this workout, but other equipment could be substituted, or it could be done without equipment. I superset all the excercises in this workout. This means you do a set of the first excercise and then go straight into a set of the next excercise. That’s 1 set. So, then you do a set of the first excercise and then the second. That’s your second set. Same thing for the third.  Alright, for this workou, I did 3 sets of 12 reps. Here’s the workout:


Glute raises – I used a ball, but a couch could be used or they can be done on the floor

Bird dogs – I used wrist and ankle weights, but body weight would work


Deadlifts – I used Dumbbells, but water bottles or milk jugs would work

Toe touches – I used my wrist and ankle weights, but body weight would work


Squats – I used kettle bells, but water bottles, milk jugs, or even body weight would work

Ball crunches – can be done on the floor, make sure the crunch is coming from your abdominal muscles


Calf raises – I did mine using the diy balance beam in the picture, but stairs or a step stool would work too. My first 2 sets I did both legs together – on the 3rd I did one leg at a time

Ab wheel – if you don’t have one, you could do planks for 45 seconds to a minute

*Final Burn*

300 jumping jacks – you can break these up into sets if you need to.

Ta da! That’s it. I didn’t take breaks other than to sip my water. It took me about 30 minutes at most, from start to finish, and I was not rushing. I just focused and got it done


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