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Booty Burn!

You’ve probably noticed that I like a variety of workouts, but I definitely like to get a regular glute workout in.  To me, it’s one of my weaker areas.  We’re all our worst critiques, however, I feel like if a person doesn’t love something about themselves, it’s their prerogative to change it.  My one stipulation is that they should do it in a healthy manner.  I don’t love my booty just yet (though it’s come a long way), so I work hard to make it better.  The drive to make it better keeps me motivated through tough workouts like this one.  I want you to try to go a little heavy on the weights here.  On my post about building your own, frugal home gym, I show you how to make a 10lb kettlebell with a milk jug.  If you don’t have weights, or if you only have 5lb dumbbells, this would be a great time for that.

The Booty Burn Workout!

Alright, so for this workout we’re going to push it with 6 sets of 15 reps on every exercise!  Take a 30 second break between sets.

Weighted Glute Bridges – Lay a weight over your pelvic area (dumbbell, kettlebell, or anything heavy), you can use your hands to keep it steady

Kettlebell Swings – Let the swing come from your glutes, always squeezing as you swing

Deadlifts – Form is key, bad form can lead to a bad back, lift as heavy as you can while maintaining good form

Goblet Squats – I stood on the DIY beam here, it increases the use of core muscles, not necessary, but added muscle building if you have something similar available to you.

I finished off running my stairs outside.  I recommend skipping steps on the way up.  You’ll feel it in your glutes and hamstrings.  Skip steps going up and run the steps down for about 10 minutes to complete your workout.

Make sure you squeeze your glutes throughout this workout.  In your mind, think about using your booty muscles for each rep.  You don’t have to go super slow, but you want to go at a pace where you are in control of the weight through the entire movement.  The only time you want the weight to swing is when you are doing your kettlebell swings.


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