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Glutes With The Whole Backside

I’m way overdue to post a workout!  It’s because I’m not always coming up with new workouts.  I tend to stick with a program for a few weeks and then mix it up.  It’s good to train yourself and then mix it up and confuse your body.  So here’s some exercises I’ve been loving lately.  You’re going to do 3-5 sets of each, and anywhere from 10-15 reps.

step ups

To start off we have the step ups.  I have a weight vest on with ankle weights in this picture, but I mix it up.  Sometimes, I just do body weight.  I have to share a quote here, “The setup is one of the best butt-building exercises in existence,” says BJ Gaddour, C.S.C.S., author of Men’s Health Bodyweight Muscle Burners.

It’s a motion that we perform every day—going up and down stairs and stepping on and off curbs, he says. “If you can’t properly perform it with a slow and controlled tempo, then you have no business lunging, squatting, running, or jumping.”

I absolutely love that quote from Men’s Health!


Next up, we have squats.  Time to drop it like it’s hott!  Once again, the weight vest is optional.  Squats are actually an amazing exercise for your quads, you have to make sure you squeeze your glutes in order to hit them.  Another quote here because, hey, it’s always good to support what you’re saying, right?  This one is from Bret Contreras aka, the glute guy.  “As you squat, you’re stretching your glutes under load,” explains Contreras. “Then you need to produce a forceful glute contraction to propel your body ‘out of the hole’ to standing.”

Next we have bridges.  So, this exercise works your whole backside.  You lift the left arm with the right leg and the right arm with the left leg.  As you do the controlled kick back, squeeze your glute and hamstring.  As you lift your arm out in front of you, focus on using your shoulder muscles.  You should not be swinging your arms and legs, but rather controlling them.  As you do this, you will become sore from your hamstrings, to your glutes, all over your back, and up into your shoulders.

Superman Jumping Jacks

To complete the glutes and back (not the workout – we have a little abs after) we have superman jumping jacks.  These can be brutal, but they’re kind of fun, too. What you do, is you lay down on your belly.  Squeeze you glutes and tighten your back so your legs are lifted off the ground, as well as your chest, head, and arms.  Now do jumping jacks with your arms and legs.  It’s another total backside burner.


Ok, I don’t have a picture here, my 4 year-old is typically my photographer, and he has a short attention span.  For abs, I do sets and reps differently.  I’m going to tell you what I’m doing lately, but even that changes as I mix things up.  Ok, so lately, my rule is 100 reps.  You can do whatever ab exercise, or combination of ab exercises you want in order to hit 100 reps.  You can also break it down into as many sets as you want.  I do flutter kicks, leg raises, bicycles, sit ups, crunches, roman twists, etc… It varies from day to day.

Alright, well I hope you enjoyed your workout.  Keep pushing through.  We all have good days and bad days, and we all have room to grow.


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