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Links And Resources

I wanted to share some of my personal favorite links and resources so that you can benefit from them, as well. I assure you, the list will grow as I do, so check back often.

Here are some great websites

Here are some healthy living related blogs I recommend

Some of my favorite resources come in the form of Facebook communities

Facebook communities are wonderful.  They are a great way to talk to real people.  You can quickly get feedback on questions you have.  There’s a lot of really helpful discussion.  Bare in mind, many of the people in these communities are regular people working towards goals.  Many of become very knowledgeable in the process, but very few members actually hold any type of degree or certificate of training.  However, you’ll find that they can be very supportive, and they can provide links to information that has helped them.


There are many members in these communities that I’m sharing with you.  The majority of the members are very positive and helpful.  Occasionally, you may come across some cattiness/negativity.  As I am referring you to these pages, I would ask that you please not add to any cattiness/negativity.  If you come across it, please scroll on.  Not everyone in these communities has the same goal.  Some are there because they want to be healthier.  Some are there because they have diseases (celiac, allergies, dietary intolerances…).  Keep an open mind.

  • The Paleo Approach Community This is a great resource for all things paleo.  There are a ton of members with a wealth of knowledge and great tips.
  • Gluten Free  This is a great resource for anyone avoiding gluten.  You would not believe how many foods actually contain gluten.  This community can help you sort out what does and does not contain gluten.  They also share what gluten-free foods are tasty and which ones are not worth trying.
  • Gluten Free Families  This is very similar to the Gluten Free community, but 2 resources are better than one!
  • Deliciously Dairy-Free  This is a great resource for those avoiding dairy.  Similar to the gluten free communities, it will help you sort out what does and does not contain dairy, as manufacturers sneak it in to some foods you may not suspect.  Also, they can tell you about some dairy alternatives.
  • Kombucha Nation: Cultures, Health, Healing!  This group primarily discusses kombucha (fermented tea), but they also discuss and are knowledgeable on just about anything fermented.
  • I also follow some local fitness groups.  You can do a search in your Facebook search bar for “your town, fitness” and see what pops up.  Local fitness communities can help keep you informed on various fitness events and opportunities in your area.  They are also a great way to support each other and stay motivated.

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